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Frisky Whiskey by Nicole Young

Nicole Young discusses her journey to becoming the first Black woman to own a flavored whiskey brand – Frisky Whiskey. She also shares how she harnessed her TV-personality career and passion for spirits to change perceptions around flavored whiskeys.

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I love Nicole's story and that bottle is gorgeous so you've officially pulled me in as a fan! Grabbing mine now!


I’m always going to take an opportunity to support a black woman making history! To hear about a black woman owned whiskey was more than exciting to hear and I had to order a bottle for my husband and I who love some good whiskey. We can’t wait to crack open the bottle!


My husband LOVES whiskey, so I'm definitely going to purchase a bottle of Frisky Whiskey for him. I love that we can support a woman- and Black-owned business and get a quality spirit at the same time!

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